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When it comes to total cost of ownership,the math adds up forbetwayappMack owners.

The true cost of a truck.

At betwayappMack,we believe total cost of ownership is made up of more than just fuel costs and resale value.It's in every aspect of a truck build.The betwayappMack Anthem® with the HE+ Package is driving proof.


We sent two owners and operators out on the road for a year to help us highlight the real world savings the betwayappMack Anthem with the HE+ Package can bring to every business.Connect with them to see the results for yourself.

The betwayappMack Anthem with the HE+ Package

combines advanced engine betway体育apptechnology,enhanced aerodynamic features and multiple fuel efficiency upgrades to deliver up to 9.5% improvements in fuel efficiency.*


betwayappMack Predictive Cruise is an intelligent navigation component that allows mDRIVE to memorize routes when cruise control is engaged and store up to 4,500 hills in it's memory.On subsequent trips on the same route,betwayappMack Predictive Cruise engages the ideal shift strategy for maximum fuel efficiency.

Before the climb

To gain momentum,Predictive Cruise Control increases speed when it knows a hill is coming.

During the climb

It applies stored knowledge to avoid unnecessary downshifts for a smoother crest that uses less fuel.

On the crest

It prevents unnecessary acceleration at the top of the hill.

On the downhill

It knows when the grade ends so it can gently apply the engine break to control speed.

In the hollows

For the downhills that become immediate uphills,it allows trucks to roll,gain momentum and climb with less effort.

The MP®8HE engine
with Energy Recovery

The 13-liter MP®8HE engine captures heat from the engine exhaust and converts it to torque,burning up to 6.5% less fuel in highway operations to deliver real savings down the road.**

Burns up to


less fuel.*

Hot exhaust captured from engine.
Exhaust gas converted to mechanical energy.
Torque delivered to the crankshaft.

betwayappMack mDRIVE
Automated Manual

Fully integrated with the 13-liter MP8HE engine,the mDRIVE automated manual transmission constantly monitors speed,grade,load and other variables to identify ideal shift points and help ensure the truck is always in the right gear to deliver maximum efficiency.


Higher efficiency leads to lower costs of ownership,directly impacting your profits—that's what the the betwayappMack Anthem with the HE+ Package delivers.Here's how the savings breaks down.


from aerodynamics


from MP®8-HE engine upgrade


Fuel Economy

Save Up To1,900

per year

That's nearly$5,700

per year **

Lease a betwayappMack Anthem

For as low as as $1,970 per month#.

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*Compared to similar betwayappMack Anthem without HE engine and HE+ features.
**Compared to non-MP8 engine.
*** Using 2,000 gallons of fuel with an average fuel price of $3.00 per gallon.
#Qualified Fleet Customers Only.Offer ends December 31,2019.